How to make a good first impression

How to make a good first impression

How to Make a Good Impression on Your First Date

 A very much anticipated event, the first date is also a dreaded moment for many. Men and women of all ages seem to fall back into the same worries and endless questions. What to wear? What perfume to put on? Any conversation topics ideas? Where to go? What to do? What to say and how to say it?

But, the question that stands on everyone’s mind is: how to make a good impression? After all, it is normal: we all want to impress our date. If you are in such a predicament yourself, here are some tips for you:

Dress up for success

Don’t get fooled by those voices telling you appearances don’t matter. Instant attraction and chemistry level are based on pure appearances. So, pick an outfit that compliments your physique! Nothing too daring or too fancy! Just something that you know it looks good on you. You don’t want to look as if you came straight from the gym, but a date is not a wedding either.

Don’t be boring

Come to the date prepared with some topics of conversation and ideas of where to go and what to do. This does not mean you should have a bunch of stories prepared to recite. You don’t want to sound rehearsed either.

Show interest

Don’t forget to show some interest in the person next to you. Make sure you don’t monopolize the conversation and you don’t impose your wishes on the other. Take turns in talking about yourself and asking questions! Otherwise, your date might think you are simply not interested in them.

Don’t ignore the bill

Who pays the bill on a first date? The answer actually depends on many cultural factors, but, even if you are a woman and expect the guy to pay, don’t totally ignore it. When the waiter brings the bill, search for your purse and offer to contribute. Most probably he will take it upon himself, but the gesture is essential to the way he will perceive you.