First Dates – How to make them perfect!

First Dates – How to make them perfect!

We all want to leave the best impression possible when it comes first dates, there are many things to consider when organizing to meet up with a potential partner. We have had plenty of singles who have attended one of our speed dating events ask us how to make their first dates great.

So we have decided to compile a list of our top tips to make sure you have the best first date possible. These can range from the clothes you wear, the places you go and even where you go. It is amazing how much of a difference some things can make to your first dates.

Keeping it relaxed

We recommend for a first date to not go anywhere that’s too loud or too fancy but instead go somewhere that is laid back, conducive to conversation and relaxed atmosphere. Your first date should be all about getting to know your date and making sure that you are both relaxed and comfortable.

This means you want to avoid places like fancy restaurants or the movies for a first date, fancy restaurants tend to make people feel like they have to behave in a certain way and going to the movies may seem like fun but it is not conducive to getting to know each other.

Plan your date

In some cases, you may want to do more than just have a simple coffee or drink, rather than sitting at one spot for an extended period of time, why not consider having a 2nd location such as pool hall or bowling alley. Nothing is more fun than some playful competitiveness.

Choose something that you both may be interested in, if you both love art for example then it may be good idea to go to a local art museum.


It is important to pick a good location on your first date.  This means making sure that where you meet is not too far away for either of you and that you can both easily get to.

Deciding on a dress code

If you do decide to go somewhere where there is a dress code in place, it is a good idea to let your date know this before the first date. If you are just going for a relaxed date, letting them know that you are not planning on going anywhere that is fancy and that they do not need to overdress for the occasion might really help your date.

Confirming with your Date

Be sure to confirm your first date with your potential partner the day before to make sure that they haven’t forgotten, in some case people tend to have a lot on and it may slip their mind. They will appreciate the reminder.


It is important to be on time or even early to a date if you are the one who organised it but you may not always be able to arrive on time, if you are not able to make it on time, be sure to let your date know how late you will be so that they are not wondering whether you are going to show up or not.


Ultimately what makes first dates perfect is being respectful, considerate and authentic with your date. The value of a date does not come from what you do or how much you spend, ultimately the value comes from you and your date getting to know each other.