About us 1

Why we do what we do!

Being single and looking for that special someone is a lot harder than it seems. With millions of singles in Sydney, finding the right person can be hard especially when you are balancing busy lifestyle, social life and work commitments, it can be challenging to find the time to focus on your dating life.

Simply Speed Dating started with a vision to make dating easier, efficient and affordable.

In recent years, online dating has taken off and it has become a primary way to meet people, but outside of the digital world, there are not really a lot of options to meet people who are single and looking. The only real options are going to a bar to meet people which can be incredibly nerve-racking, especially when it comes walking up to a complete stranger and trying start a conversation out of thin air, and when you do manage to work up the courage, you don’t know if they are single and interested in meeting new people, or in a relationship.

Online dating kind of resolves this issues but creates new problems, it can be a long and slow process to find someone online. You can go through a lot of profiles and begin sending messages which could sometimes take hours of your day and can become quite costly. If and when you do get a response and you tee up a date, there are no guarantees that the person you like in the online world will be the same person in the real world. Whether it’s because their photos did not represent them accurately or maybe there is just no chemistry when you meet. This can make the entire process seem like a waste of time and money.

Our aim is to make dating simple so you can focus on getting to know your dates. At our events you will date up to 14 singles In a space of 2 to 3 hours. We make our events fun, friendly and easy. We have perfect our method of running out events and our structure makes the whole experience seamless. When you sit down in front of a date, chances are that you’ll be able to tell within the first 5 minutes whether the two of you hit it off or not. If sparks fly then you tick “would date” and if they felt the same way, you both match and an email will be sent to the two of you with each others contact details.

Speed dating takes away the hassles that come from online dating and removes the pressure of having to approach random people at a bars. You don’t need to rely on good photos or a well written and edited profile. You get to genuinely meet and get a feel for each of your dates. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours scrolling through profiles and sending hundreds of messages, or working up the courage to approach that guy or girl at the bar. All you have to do is come to one of our events and have fun.

At Simply Speed Dating, we love being able to help others find their perfect partner, we are genuinely passionate about what we do and find our role incredibly rewarding.

Let us help by taking out the hassles out of dating for you. If you have never tried speed dating before, I suggest you check our upcoming speed dating events give it a go.