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Meet Cristian

Founder of Simply Speed Dating

Being single and looking for that special someone is harder than it seems. With millions of singles in Sydney, finding the right person is hard. I myself live a busy lifestyle, whether it is work commitments, spending time with my friends or catching up with my family. It was challenging to find the time to focus on my dating life.

Whenever I went to a bar to meet people, I found it incredibly nerve racking to walk up to a complete stranger and start a conversation out of nothing. When I did manage to have a great conversation, I found that most of the times, they would already have a partner.

I didn’t have much better luck with online dating either, I found it to be long and slow process. I would go through a lot of profiles and start sending messages which could sometimes take hours. When I was lucky enough to get a response I would tee up a date. Surprisingly however, whenever I met up with someone online, they seemed to be completely different to their profile in person. Whether it was their photos did not represent them accurately or there was just not a connection when we met, I kept finding myself back to square one.

One day I stumbled upon the concept of speed dating and I decided to attend some speed dating events in Sydney. I found that I loved it from the very beginning. In 2 to 3 hours, I had between 6 to 10 dates with like-minded singles. It was fun, fast and effective. Whenever I sat down in front of a date, I could tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting them, whether or not I had a connection with them. If I did, I would tick match and if they felt the same way then I would get emailed their contact details.

Speed dating took away some of the hassles that come from online dating and took the pressure off having to approach random people at a bar. I didn’t have to spend hours upon hours scrolling through profiles and sending hundreds of messages and I didn’t have to get rejected hundreds of times. All I had to do was go to an event and have fun.

I fell in love with the concept and found that there were better ways to run events than how current speed dating companies run them. I felt like I could do a better job and that is how Simply Speed Dating started. I love the idea of being able to help others find their perfect partner as well as help by taking out the hassles out of dating. If you have never tried speed dating before, I suggest you check our upcoming speed dating events give it a go, at the very least you will have a great night out and meet plenty of fun, friendly and interesting people.