5 reasons you should try speed dating!

5 reasons you should try speed dating!

Whilst it may seem biased for us to write an article on why you should try speed dating, it is because we are passionate about helping people find love in their lives and we believe speed dating is one of the best ways to meet and connect with new people as well as potentially find your future partner.

This is why we work hard to ensure we host events where you will get the chance to meet as many singles as possible. We believe that our events offer the best chances to meet someone you will connect with.

We live in an age where dating has become digitized.  With a vast amount of online dating websites and dating apps, it is easy to look at millions of profiles and not actually capture the essence of a person. We have turned dating into a disconnected process which requires very little face to face interaction.

In a study released recently and published by APA (American Psychological Association), Users of the dating app, Tinder are reported to have lower levels of self-esteem and all users in the study have reported to have more negative perceptions about body image. It makes sense as all it takes to dismiss someone on the app is a simple swipe to left of your  smart phone screen.

You can instantly dismiss a potential partner for just having a bad photo on their profile. The scary thing is that we make these decisions so impulsively and quickly that we hardly put any thought into it.

There are many advantages that a speed dating event offers over online dating apps and in this article we are going to explore some of the major ones.

It’s Fast and Efficient

Not everyone has time to read through hundreds of online profiles and write dozens of messages in order to connect with someone.

At our speed dating events, you can have up to 14 mini-dates in 2 hours. While it may seem like a short amount of time to meet so many people, you will be surprised as to how much you can know about a person in 6 minutes.

Instead of drafting out messages and spending countless hours reading profiles, you can spend your time connecting with the person instead.

No Awkward First Dates!

We’ve all know or have heard someone say that they have had an awkward first date with someone online who wasn’t who they expected in real life.

With online dating, anyone can paint themselves in any light and this can often lead to going on dates with people who you thought were different than their profile.

This doesn’t happen when you go on a date with someone you met from a speed dating event, simply because you have met them already.

No more awkward dates with someone who’s online dating profile picture was from 5 years ago.

Wide Variety

At our speed dating event, we have people from all walks of life which adds variation to our events. You may find you meet someone at our event who you never even considered to be someone you would be interested in.

We all have certain qualities we look for in a partner and in some cases we focus on finding only those qualities in people that we often do not give ourselves the chance to see other qualities people can have.

Speed dating can let you meet people who you never thought you would be into.

Face to Face

You actually get to talk to real people in real life!

No need for an internet connection, virtual reality goggles or mobile phone. You can interact with other single people face to face. You can see how they talk, move, walk and laugh. You can get a feel for a person which is something you can’t do online.

Our events are fun!

We work hard to make sure our events are the best they can be and we welcome feedback from our speed daters, most of them comment on how much fun they have had at one of our events.

Everyone is there to meet new people and have a good time and this means that you will always find yourself meeting people who are friendly and want to talk to you, there’s no pressure!

We could go on forever but instead why don’t you find out for yourself. We run speed dating regularly, Click here to check out our upcoming events!